Easily download wordpress.com themes!

About this site

This website was created to make it easier for people to download their wordpress.com theme if they were going to move to wordpress.org, normally you would have to install SVN to download your desired theme from the SVN directory located at: wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com.

All themes located on this websites should only be used if your theme isn't available for wordpress.org, check if your theme is available in the wordpress.org theme directory first before downloading any themes here.

Themes located on this website will not automatically update and therefore may break at any WordPress upgrade. The themes will be periodically updated with newer versions if available. Last update: 1st October 2017.

About the author

"WordPress.com themes" was created by Yentl Bresseleers (Design 311) who is in no way connected to Automattic, the creators of WordPress.